Team Leaders for the Future


A learning journey to inspired future leadership

Team Leaders for the future is designed around the skills and behaviors that will drive high performance and productivity in this new era of hybrid working.

An expert team that developed a great rapport and program that has already made a significant difference in our people skills to the benefit of our teams

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The rapid switch to remote and flexible working has left many Team Leaders ill-equipped to interact and manage remote working, mental health and well-being of their teams.

Team leaders have become the linchpin of the organization, needing to accelerate their capabilities in managing remote and flexible working. And all this at the same time as retaining the visibility and connectedness of their team. They are developing an empathy to their leadership while needing to build and maintain their own resilience.

We have been running face to face development programs for Team Leaders for some time and have deep and wide experience in both the private and public sectors. Clients have included Pearl Group in Europe and the Nordics, Symphony across Europe and India, and South and Vale District Councils in the UK. Our Team Leader programs have delivered management skills centered on empathy, emotional intelligence and personal resilience. Our results speak for themselves. For example, with one client, 75% of the staff agreed that their manager’s people skills had improved post training and that their Team Leaders had worked hard to improve levels of staff engagement.

We have now adapted our program in both content and delivery mode for the new era through innovative online learning.

The new era is here. Are you ready? How will you handle it?

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Three Modules, Each Covering a Series of Topics

1. Leading Myself

1.1 Understanding myself
Identify personal behavioral preferences and develop personal versatility and flexibility. Create optimum working relationships by synchronising with behavioral patterns of colleagues and staff.

1.2 Creating a mindset for success
Make the link between mindset, focus, beliefs, values and success. Explore differences between fixed and growth mindsets. Practical tools to start to shift thoughts, feelings and behavior.

1.3 Building resilient leadership
Personal resilience in the Team Leader role. Identify personal stress triggers. Use pragmatic cutting-edge technology and techniques to help develop and maintain resilience.

1.4 Cultivating compassionate leadership
The importance of compassion during and post covid-19. A shift towards awareness, vulnerability, empathy and compassion for people in crisis. Setting the stage for organization recovery.

2. Leading Individuals

2.1 The leader as coach
The difference between traditional leadership and a coaching style. Develop accountability and motivation in others through questioning rather than telling.

2.2 Recruiting for the future
Identify and recruit new skills that enable effective remote working, including greater digital dexterity through values based interviewing as an integral part of the interview process.

2.3 Handling challenging conversations
One of the most challenging and important areas of the role. A step by step, planned and pragmatic approach to performance conversations.

2.4 Delivering inclusivity
Examine unconscious biases and how to incorporate diversity and inclusivity into work systems to ensure they are considering employees from all backgrounds and needs.

3. Leading Teams

3.1 Communicating with impact
Keys to successful communication, especially during the return to work. Four key practices to create psychological safety, build trust and rapport and a sense of purpose for the longer-term.

3.2 Building agile, innovative high-performing teams
Pivoting to agile. Flexibly deploying staff to solve problems innovatively. The five behaviors of high performing teams. The value of engagement.

3.3 Leading digital culture change
Core values and behaviors that drive digital culture change from a Team Leader perspective, and the rewards for commercial success, customer satisfaction, engaged workforce and innovation.

3.4 Delivering successful change
How staff react to change and how to mitigate the impact. The 6 stages of change management to support leading teams through the change curve. Dealing with the feelings of loss and ambiguity that change brings.

There are Three Entry Levels:

Level 1: Premium Pathway
Our most cost-effective online option. We offer anything from one to multiple licenses as we know that many organizations will want to provide the platform to all their Team Leaders or put a regular cohort through the program. Discounts are available the more licenses that are purchased. Level 1 provides access to the whole online program. Each of the twelve topics contains a workbook, video with one of our experienced facilitator team and multiple-choice assessment. Plus, we have a library of useful resources such as articles, TED talks and so on.

Level 2: Gold Pathway
Everything in level 1 plus a live online group development session for each topic with a member of our team. These will include input on the topic plus the opportunity to ask questions and get the answers straight away. It will also include a more detailed assessment with email feedback with a member of our team.

Level 3: Masterclass Pathway
Everything in levels 1 and 2 plus 6 hours of one to one coaching over a 6-month period All participants will also get the opportunity to join our growing online global community of private and public sector Team Leaders when they join us. And, there are opportunities to purchase all updates and new topics as they are added so you always have access to the latest research and tool-kits.

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By the end of this program Team Leaders will:

  • Have developed their flexibility in terms of the way they communicate and engage with their people
  • Have developed a more ‘human dimension’ to the way they manage by building their levels of emotional intelligence, empathy, and compassion
  • Have adapted to the virtual world by becoming:
    • Virtually visible
    • Better communicators with their teams
    • Adept at spotting and supporting well-being and mental health issues in their teams
    • Agile about priorities
    • Opening transparent conversations
    • More engaged with their teams
  • Be more skilled at attracting and retaining talent to build a diverse team
  • Be attuned to a growth mindset for their team members while being able to cope with ambiguity and change
  • Understand how to develop their own resilience levels and those of their team members
  • Become a leader who has adopted a coaching style that increases accountability and the motivation of others
  • Be empathetic, improving the levels of psychological safety, trust, and rapport in their teams
  • Be an architect of a team culture where staff use innovation to build agility and utilize digital opportunities
  • Know how to lead teams through change and deal with the feelings of loss and ambiguity that change brings.

Facilitator team

Our facilitator team is comprised of leading experts in their fields who have been designing and delivering management and leadership programs for many years.

All of them have held senior positions in private and public companies such as PricewaterhouseCoopers, Google, Microsoft, BT and the NHS. The team includes best-selling authors and winners of prestigious learning and development awards who have transformed lives.

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