Client Reviews

Christine President, MBA

This was my most favorite episode so far - John shared this challenge: Who is that person that ignited the passion for you as a developing leader?? This was easy for me to answer, both John Duke and Ray Werts were the transformational leaders that shaped and guided my 20 year career at J&J and beyond. I never forgot their personal and approachable style that pushed me to want to be better. You don't need to compromise accountability and business results as a servant leader - it's not mutually exclusive, but a path to high performance. Thanks for sharing this valuable discussion that provided me a chance to reflect and reinforce on what really matters as a people leader.

Antonio G. Ranieri, J&J Assistant Brand Manager

Today, I had the opportunity to listen to a leadership podcast, hosted by my recently retired colleague, John Duke, and guest starring my first manager at Johnson & Johnson, Ryan McCool.

The level of genuine leadership representation and experience between these two men is astronomical. Ryan served as an Officer in the Marine Corps for years and has built a great sense of what it means to be an exemplary leader in corporate America (I can attest). John recently retired from making history as a high performing sales leader in the Self Care sector of J&J.

I cannot speak enough to the amazing content they were able to put out and how smooth the flow of conversation came across. Ryan does a wonderful job of tying the true value of military leadership into the work place. I highly recommend you take the time out of your day to hear the leadership stories they have to share; you will not be disappointed.

Power of Positive Leadership Attendee

Loved how the overall training helped elevate or reinforce the existence of negativity in the workforce and how to use optimism and positivity to combat it.

Jill Brasacchio, Syneos Health

We rise by lifting others came to mind in what you gifted us today and as a former trainer and passionate coach I am sincerely grateful for the energy, passion, discipline of thought and adaptation you gave to all of us in the workshop today. Your ability to draw in each person to be immersed and present was inspiring to me and you were genuinely present with engaging individual people throughout the day. The impact you had to empower us and hold us accountable to reflect on each of our individual leadership abilities was meaningful.

Bill Sturgeon, Power of Positive Leadership Seminar Attendee

I really enjoyed your program.  It is a challenge to spend an entire day on one topic to a bunch of sales people with short attention spans.  You have to bring a lot of energy, good solid content, and activity to keep the program exciting.  You did a great job of accomplishing all of those things.  The energy of the group remained steady throughout the program.  It is a testament to your presentation style (and of course the content).

Attendee, Emerson Logistics

John Duke was an entertaining speaker, knowledgeable on the material, made everyone comfortable from the start.

Power of Positive Leadership Attendee

John's energy and genuine passion for this topic sealed the deal on this training.

Power of Positive Leadership Attendee

I think it was great and very valuable. John's commitment to our team is infectious.