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What is CX… it’s an abbreviation that has multiple meanings, but two of the most important, for leaders, are Culture and Customer Experience.

Culture, in business or for a team of people, refers to the behavioral norms that are observed within the working atmosphere.  Culture is the “working norms” like values, operating standards or procedures, attitudes, typical behaviors and goals and objectives in an organization.  The Culture creates the environment.  According to an Indeed survey, 72% of job seekers say it’s extremely or very important to see details about company culture in job descriptions

The Culture is going to be shaped by the leaders in the organization.  You can’t really separate the leader from the Culture of team.  It’s a lot like a recipe to make a dinner. The leader decides what ingredients will be used to make a great dinner. 

When it comes to your culture, what type of ingredients are you using to help your team love what they do as part of delivering your organization’s mission.  When each team member has job fulfillment, high engagement and a connection to purpose, that will fuel exceptional customer experience. 


The Power of Positive Team Training – Jon Gordon

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The U.S. military states the most important and basic responsibility of any leader is to take care of the soldiers. Why? Because if you don’t support them, they won’t support you and without their support, operations will fail.

The Power of Positive Leadership

Discover the Proven Principles that Make Great Leaders Great

The Power of Positive Team Training

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Team Leaders for the

Help Team Leaders Meet the Challenges of Hybrid Working

The Six Types
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Learn to Tap into Your Genius More and Your Weakness Less

John Duke was an entertaining speaker, knowledgeable on the material, made everyone comfortable from the start.

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