LeadershipCX Vision

Vision: To ignite leadership passion and development that fuels love and accountability

John Duke’s vision is a culmination of the experience he gained over the course of 32 years in leadership roles at Johnson & Johnson. John looks forward to sharing his leadership experience and lessons to help other leaders elevate employee engagement, inspire and coach others to higher performance and create a culture that delivers a competitive advantage.

Unique Value Proposition:

  • Passion and 32 years of experience building high performing teams
  • Ignite leadership fulfillment that fuels culture & relationships
  • Inspiring BELIEF in the mission with purpose and positive leadership principles
  • Being a life-long student of leadership and a high school coach


John helps leaders build higher levels of team engagement and job fulfillment as part of delivering their mission.

Target Audience:

People managers, organizational leaders, coaches and teachers

Leadership CX – The impact of leadership, at all levels, to fuel team culture that delivers pride and next level performance.

About John Duke

John’s J&J Journey:

  • Professional Sales Representative, Training Manager
  • Marketing: ABM, Product Director, Director Medical MKTNG
  • HCC Director, GPD Managed Care Marketing
  • DM, RBD, NSD Professional-Pharma Sales

John’s guiding principles as a leader:

  • Positive Leadership, Love and Accountability
  • Extreme Ownership & building Decentralized Leadership

A few career highlights:

  • Leading “One Professional Sales Team” North America
  • OTC Switch of Zyrtec via Managed Care ($450MM)
  • Launching a New Unit Dose Tylenol Product in US Hospitals achieving a 50% Brand Mkt Share
  • Launching Omni-channel across professional sales and marketing